Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arctic Paintings, Done.

I've been home in Hoosick, New York for the month of September and have had a chance to look at the Arctic paintings in the luxury of a well-lit, spacious studio instead of a dim, small bedroom. The improved circumstances have led to small changes in the pictures posted below. The title of each painting includes the date that the work was begun, the temperature of the moment, the latitude and longitude of the place, and a verbal description of the subject that motivated the painting. The paintings are in oil on 24" x 30" aluminum panels, except for two smaller works which are noted.

New posts from Jatun Sacha Reserve in the equatorial forest of Ecuador will begin in October.

"June 27, 2007, 48º,N66°13 W65°75, Rock Slide". 12" x 16"

"June 29, 2007, 49°F, N66°13 W65°75, River Ice"

"July 9, 2007, 45°, N66°13 W65°75, Pink Granite"

"July 11, 2007, 50°F, N66°13 W65°75, Waterfall"

"July 12, 2007, 47°F, N66°13 W65°75, Lichen"

Detail of "July 12, 2007, 47°F, N66°13 W65°75, Lichen "

"July 18, 2007, 48°F, N66°13 W65°75, Red Moss"

"July 21, 2007, 40°F, N66°13 W65°75, Fog"

Detail of "July 21, 2007, 40°F, N66°13 W65°75, Fog "

"July 25, 2007, 41°F, N66°13 W65°75, Pangnirtung Fiord "

"July 28, 2007, 48°, N66°13 W65°75, Clouds and Moss"

"August 9, 2007, 48°, N66°13 W65°75, River Rocks"

"August 10, 2007, 47°, N66°13 W65°75, Mount Duval"

Detail, "August 10, 2007, 47°, N66°13 W65°75, Mount Duval"

"August 11, 2007, 48°, N66°13 W65°75, High Tundra"

"August 12, 2007, 48°, N66°13 W65°75, Hill, Stream and Fiord"

"August 16, 2007, 45º, N66°13 W65°75, Evening". 12" x 16"